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Category: Blues

8 comments on Epitome

  1. Such a survey constitutes an epitome, we are informed, before the magnum opus. From Cambridge English Corpus The reconstruction of old age as a time of agelessness is the epitome of such denial. .
  2. Epitome Has Greek Roots Epitome first appeared in print in , when it was used to mean "summary." If someone asks you to summarize a long paper, you effectively cut it up, mentioning only the most important ideas in your synopsis, and the etymology of epitome .
  3. epitome If you're talking about a typical example of something, call it the epitome. The cartoon character Garfield is the epitome of the lazy, food-obsessed cat. Coming to us from Greek through Latin, epitome refers to something that is the ultimate representative of its class.
  4. An epitope, also known as antigenic determinant, is the part of an antigen that is recognized by the immune system, specifically by antibodies, B cells, or T cells. For example, the epitope is the specific piece of the antigen to which an antibody binds. The part of an antibody that binds to the epitope .
  5. Fragment #1 -- Photius, Epitome of the Chrestomathy of Proclus: The Epic Cycle begins with the fabled union of Heaven and Earth, by which they make three hundred-handed sons .
  6. A concentrated, but full and powerful, epitome of his labours was the consequence. And he will from this epitome try to get a view of the real character of Nature. This beer barrel is an epitome of all their conduct in their war with America. To meet him and his family on trek is to glimpse an epitome .
  7. Epitome Popgoes is a variation of Popgoes the Weasel and an antagonist of the cancelled POPGOES 2: The Dead Forest. Epitome Popgoes is a tall, green, skeleton weasel animatronic. His design shares a lot of similarities with the Simon animatronic. His body parts and his hat are 3D-printed. His right arm is borrowed from flexomercorligasireserlihati.xyzinfo: Male.
  8. singular noun If you say that a person or thing is the epitome of something, you are emphasizing that they are the best possible example of a particular type of person or thing.

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