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Category: Jazz

Deep Sea Soundings 1 - Walt Rockman - Underwater Vol. 1 (Vinyl, LP)

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Category: Jazz

8 comments on Deep Sea Soundings 1 - Walt Rockman - Underwater Vol. 1 (Vinyl, LP)

  1. Ocean waves and calming sounds of the sea, including distant thunder and waves on a pebble beach. Use for deep sleep, meditation and flexomercorligasireserlihati.xyzinfo Waves: Calming Sounds of Sea Explore this item.
  2. Get Underwater Sounds from Soundsnap, the Leading Sound Library for Unlimited SFX Downloads.
  3. Jun 08,  · Images via Maraid Design. MCKENNA: Alongside the industrial manufacture of popular music that characterized the second half of the twentieth century, another type of music aimed at a smaller group of consumers and offering another perspective on the humors of the day was also being recorded: production music, also called library music, was instrumental music recorded to evoke a .
  4. Jun 06,  · walt rockman stays a mystery. like robert kovac, joel vandroogenbroeck or gerhard trede, he recorded for one of these german library labels, which produced film music for movies yet to come. in this case the lp is called underwater vol. 1 and was released in .
  5. Depth sounding refers to the act of measuring depth. It is often referred to simply as flexomercorligasireserlihati.xyzinfo taken from soundings are used in bathymetry to make maps of the floor of a body of water, and were traditionally shown on nautical charts in fathoms and feet. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the agency responsible for bathymetric data in the United States, still uses.
  6. Nicholson & Lee, eds. The Oxford Book of English Mystical Verse. Deep-sea Soundings: By Sarah Williams (–).
  7. Nov 15,  · Underwater Vol. 1 Walt Rockman Sonoton, A lush selection of library and ambient music—the two often overlap—attempts to evoke the ocean in its many guises, an artistic practice that goes back in the West to the tone poems and symphonic sketches of classical composers from Beethoven to Debussy.
  8. Ocean acoustics is the study of sound and its behavior in the sea. When underwater objects vibrate, they create sound-pressure waves that alternately compress and decompress the water molecules as the sound wave travels through the sea. Sound waves radiate in all directions away from the source like ripples on the surface of a pond.

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