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Category: Hardcore

Disagreeable Sensation

Posted on | By Taunris | 8 comments
Category: Hardcore

8 comments on Disagreeable Sensation

  1. Disagreeable flavour and aroma of wines recalling the smell of mice results from bacterial infection. (44) One agent is a wild yeast, which imparts a disagreeable bitterness to beer. (45) They proceeded in silence along the gravel walk that led to the copse; Elizabeth was determined to make no effort for conversation with a woman who was now more than usually insolent and disagreeable.
  2. Translation of "désagréable" in English. unpleasant disagreeable uncomfortable nasty bad obnoxious rude distasteful offensive unpalatable annoying objectionable. pleasant unfriendly unappealing. unkind. painful. ill-tempered. bad-tempered. Other translations.
  3. D. Disagreeable sensation E. Evolutionary adaptation. C. Genes can control endocrine gland secretions that can control behavior. The discovery of a gene in Aplysia slugs resulting in protein products including egg-laying hormone is evidence that A. The egg-laying behavior is .
  4. The pain typically does not involve the phantom limb but can. Other symptoms that suggest neuroma include unusual and unpleasant sensations that occur without stimulation or upon contraction of residual-limb muscles and a disagreeable sensation (dysesthesia) that occurs with light palpation of .
  5. an urge to move or disagreeable sensations that are worsened by prolonged periods of rest or inactivity; increased intensity of the symptoms with the duration of rest an urge to move that is.
  6. dysesthesia [dis″es-the´zhah] 1. impairment of any sense, especially of the sense of touch. 2. a painful, persistent sensation induced by a gentle touch of the skin. dys·es·the·si·a (dis'es-thē'zē-ă), 1. Impairment of sensation short of anesthesia. 2. A condition in which a disagreeable sensation is produced by ordinary stimuli; caused by.
  7. The sensation was not present in any other part of her body besides her legs. The disagreeable sensations had dissipated by morning. On a follow-up visit the patient reported a similar experience with diphenhydramine and family history positive for a formal diagnosis of RLS in her mother.
  8. Disagreeable definition, contrary to one's taste or liking; unpleasant; offensive; repugnant. See more.

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